How do I create and view 3DME content?

Take video with your phone. This goes into the Photos library. Open the 3DME app and select the video you want. In a few minutes the 3D version will appear in the Photos library. Put your phone in a 3D viewer like Google Cardboard or Hasbro ViewMaster and push the play button.

What is the best video to use with 3DME?

3DME works best on videos that have objects in the foreground, middle depth and background, especially one where the objects are moving relative to one another in depth. A video of kids on a merry-go round would be a good example. A video of a family sitting for a portrait in front of a backdrop would be a bad example.

How can I get the best viewing experience?

The images you see on your phone are limited by the number of pixels the screen can display, typically  less than the pixels in any smartphone or camcorder video you take. For example the Galaxy 8 and 8+ have 8 million pixel cameras but display only 4M pixels. And, when you convert to 3D, your screen has to show two pictures on the screen so each has half the resolution of the original content. So, the best viewing will be on a phone with full HD 1080p resolution, 1920 X 1080. 

Can I convert photos?

Not yet, coming soon.

Can I convert higher resolution videos, like 4K?

Yes, but at this point content submitted to 3DME in higher resolutions is automatically downsized to HD 1080p. Conversion up to 4K coming in a future release.

Can I use 3DME with VR systems like Sony PlayStation VR, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift?

There are ways to take video from your phone send it to a PC or Playstation and then view them through the VR viewer. They are a bit complex and we plan to release a future version of 3DME that simplifies the process.