3DME is Coming Soon

For Android and iOS

3DME will be available in the Apple and Google Play app stores soon. Please sign up on our mail list to be notified. 

In the meantime, do you have a viewer? 3DME content can be viewed on any smartphone using a 3D or compatible VR headset.

3D Viewers

3D viewers are relatively simple devices that hold your smart phone and focus your eyes on the two side-by-side video frames. They don't need any power or data cables. When you move your head the image stays in front of you, unchanged.

VR Headsets

VR headsets are more complex electronic devices that connect to a smartphone, game box or PC and give you a true virtual reality experience. To  get 3DME content onto a VR viewer  you can either connect to a PC or get a smartphone/VR pair that are compatible.

3DME is 3Dsbs, not VR

There are 4 levels  from  2D to VR:

  • 2D: See what the camera saw.
  • 3Dsbs: See what the camera saw in depth. 3DME converts 2D to 3Dsbs.
  • 3D 360: See as if you could swing the camera on a tripod from one spot. Image moves as you turn your head.
  •  VR: See as if you held the camera and were free to move it and you around. Image moves as you move.

Leading 3D Viewers

  • Google Cardboard- the most popular 3D viewer  made under license by many vendors
  • Hasbro View Master-  A slightly higher quality headset
  • Homido Mini- a cleverly designed and highly portable clip-on viewer
  • Topmaxions - an inexpensive viewer with adjustable focus- great if you wear glasses.

Leading VR Viewers

  • Playstation VR- The most affordable of the leading brands
  • Oculus Rift- Facebook bought Oculus for $2B to bring this to you
  • HTC Vive- Top rated but more expensive.
  • Daydream- Google's viewer that works with Pixel and other Daydream-enabled phones
  • Gear- Samsung's viewer that works with recent Samsung phones.