Stunning 3D Video and Photos From Your Own Content

View your 3D images on your phone using a 3D headset

Call for Beta Testers

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Pro 3D for Your Videos and Photos

The technology that professionals use to convert cinematic video into 3D movies and TV is now available for your own video clips and photos. Just open the app, select your content, and in seconds the 3D version is on your phone. Then, drop the phone into your 3D  viewer and enter the third dimension.

Put Yourself Back in the Moment

Adding depth to your videos and photos creates a level of presence and impact that flat imagery can never offer. Bring new life to your favorite moments and share them with all your friends and family. 

How 3D Viewing Works

3DME converts your video and photos into two side by side frames, one for each eye. Patent pending technology shifts the perspective of each frame, adding depth to your 2D videos and photos. View it on your phone with any 3D (like  Cardboard or ViewMaster) and VR viewer (like  PlayStation VR, Rift, or Vive).


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